The long months of lockdown are finally over. The Government has finally decided to cease the restrictions post the pandemic. Now when you want to successfully reopen your store or business, you have to abide by some rules laid down by the State. This is to ensure that you, your staff, and even your customers bear minimum health risks.

Important measures to take after the lockdown for safe reopening of your store

We all know that life is never going to be the same post pandemic. The new normal isn’t something that we were used to and that is why it will take time to make the new habits a part of our systems. However, we can’t challenge the importance of these steps in the present situation as well. That is the reason we are especially suggesting you follow these tips once your business regains, and the stores open up:

o Let your customers know you’re there and back – Lots of businesses have shut down during the lockdown period for various reasons. Even your customers might be under the assumption that you aren’t going to get back either. But hey, here you are preparing to be back with a bang! So, why not announce it proudly to your customers? Use your social media power or the signage boards to let them know that their favourite store is taking over once again and of course with all the necessary precautions.

o Deep clean the store before opening up – Your store was locked for over six months. There is going to be a lot of dust and dirt settled in the place. It is essential to clean them off thoroughly before starting the store once again. We assume you don’t want to welcome your guest with curtains of cobweb and scent of mould! Just ensure to call Australian Super Cleaning for deep cleaning of your store in the most convenient, efficient, and budget-friendly way.

o Call your staff wisely – If you don’t require them all at a time, avoid calling all your staff all at once. You know the importance of social distancing post pandemic. That is why if you can afford letting your staff work from home, then opt for it.

o Come with a twist – Since you are getting a chance to bring out a season two in your store, why not make most of it? You can introduce some new products and services and come back with a fine twist for your customers. Let them get attracted towards your store because of these introductions and enjoy the rush of excited customers again.

o Keep a check on cleaning and sanitation – We know you did clean your store thoroughly before opening up. But it’s important to be consistent on the sanitation and cleanliness to keep your store free of infection and germs. Remember, there is going to be a rush of people coming from all over the city and they might carry some germs as well. For utmost convenience, hire professional cleaning services in Melbourne for this job.

After these steps, ensure to put up signage about the important steps to follow post the pandemic (example – mask, distancing, no show with fever etc.) for safer results.